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The best of the best
Mineral energy products came about as result of a need. A need For an honest skin care line made from truly organic and natural,  wild-harvested ingredients. We create a line of effective skin care products that would not only breathe new life into your skin, but It also deliver life-changing results. 
It’s our passion!
A responsibility that goes beyond just providing solutions, but to promote the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.
The story
The first idea came because there was a need to solve a problem. A need for safe and effective natural product that moisturise very severe dry skin and calm the continuous itching (symptoms of eczema) in children.
When my son was 6 months old and he was suffering from a severe eczema. I was concerned about the repeated use of therapeutic pharmaceuticals treatments. 
Dream moisturiser cream was founded during my research to find an effective way of managing my son’s dry itchy skin. As my academic studies was in the field of pharmacy, and by doing researches I created a formulation which provide a safe effective treatment that reduce the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, rough skin, and creaked or itchy skin.
The formulation contains organic ingredients with extreme healing properties proven to elevate and heal severe skin conditions such as eczema, rough skin and cracked or itchy skin. A natural formulation that restores the natural system of the skin.
The standard 
The ingredients
We use the purest form of organic and wild crafted ingredients which are protected for skin safety and efficacy. We use the organic ingredients, many of which are cold-pressed to preserve their inherent vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and unrefined properties. Our products are safe for your skin, easily absorbed, and many are even food grade.
The purpose
Mineral Energy believes each component that goes into our bottles should serve a purpose, a purpose than benefit you. The selected ingredients in each formula were chosen based on their potency and well-proven healing properties.
The package
We package our products in highly protective dark amber glass which extends shelf life naturally, for the highest standard in freshness and potency.  We choose dark amber glass instead of clear to prevents light degradation.
The production
We hand make our products in micro batches to ensures maximum concentration and potency of each formula. By crafting small batches, Mineral Energy is able to provide a highly effective products from natural ingredients with no fillers, no artificial fragrance or harmful preservatives, ever.



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