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Prime Partners Consultancy will use our years of combined knowledge and expertise to advise our trusted clients on a diverse range of business matters. Using world-class analysis, trusted research, and a deep knowledge in each industry we service, Prime Partners Consultancy will offer pragmatic solutions that yield practical, high-impact results.

Market Research, Feasibility Studies, and Strategy and Business Planning: Prime Partners Consultancy has the ability to make available insights into many diverse regional business environments. Leveraging its experts in Market Research, Feasibility Studies, and Strategy and Business Planning, Prime Partners Consultancy provides quantitative or qualitative research and studies. Our studies endeavor to help each business reach their goals by providing critical economic, financial, and market research.

Every entrepreneur knows the value of a solid business plan, and our experts will build a plan that lays a solid foundation for setting up a successful company. Developing a successful road map to success, our business plan will include market analysis, research and organizational charts, financial projections, and a world class executive summary. Let us take a hard look at your Marketing, Operations, and Financial Plans, and set you down a pathway towards success.   

Performance Monitoring: In addition to monitoring your flourishing business on a regular (weekly or monthly) basis, we will produce for you a management reports that will contain key financial metrics, key recommendations for management to consider, and real-time action items, which will require immediate action from your company staff in order to enhance the overall success of your business, taking into account both your needs as a grown business, and the best way to capitalize on your growing customer base.

Business Development: Prime Partners Consultancy has many strategies that can help increase sales by developing, expanding, and generating new business opportunities using various different platforms. Over the years, Prime Partners Consultancy has established strategic relationships in numerous areas. Prime Partners Consultancy has the resources to expand both locally, and abroad, by finding calculated partnerships for our clients, and putting together meaningful connections with trusted financial investors.

Strategy Advisory, Restructuring,and Turnaround:  If your company is experiencing troubles, or is seriously underperforming in its given market, Prime Partners Consultancy can help restructure your business and provide strategic advice that can help turn your business around. Our Team of highly trained and capable professionals is valued by our clients for their unique ability to identify problems, gain cooperation, develop viable solutions, and implement those solutions with sensitivity and precision, all in a quick an efficient manner that will save you both time and money.

Strategic Partner/Brand Sourcing: Prime Partners Consultancy can help you find, contact, and negotiate your franchise with like-minded partners that want to see your business prosper. We also specialize in helping international franchises who want to expand their business into the UAE.

Strategic Advisory Board and Management Recruitment: Prime Partners Consultancy possesses the ability to pull together an amazingly capable Advisory Board, as well as recruit management candidates that are at the top of their given field.


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  • Sector: Training and Consultancy Services
  • Activity: General Consultancy
  • No. of Employees:
  • Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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  • +971 2 671 0 355
  • +971 2 671 0 35
  • Office No. 304 | Al Qubassi Building | Hamdan Street | Behind NBQ | Abu Dhabi | U.A.E, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • P.O. Box 113100

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