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Who We Are

“A strong service-oriented security equipment system company in the center of Abu-Dhabi, UAE”

Quality Check is a firm focused on forging the strongest possible chain of security equipment provider by valuing innovation and partnership with its clients; local and national government, companies of all levels, malls, hotels, residential buildings, private companies and schools.

An Emirati owned company, started by a group of passionate engineers who has a solid experience in implementing and managing many security systems and information technology projects across UAE

Quality Check is a premier provider of comprehensive range of security system products and services. The firm supplies unparalleled security system solution to meet the meticulous demands of today's complex world. Our services are differentiated in the industry by the highest level of competence, access and deployment of the latest technology, and extensive experience providing security system products and services.

Our complete, global approach to promote safety is based on greater levels of reliability and confidentiality, understanding of the client's nature of business, strategic approach, execution, and follows up. With capabilities to provide outstanding services throughout the United Arab Emirates, and diverse management experience and leadership backgrounds, Quality Check provides stability, experience and resources to support customers with best-in-class security system service.


Core Values

What makes Quality Check 'Quality Check'?

A significant part of what makes Quality Check unique is our dedication to living our core values in everything we do. Our core values are the framework upon which our team member training is based as well as the structure of our client service philosophy.


Our core values are:

  • Service Matters Most
  • Valuing Trust and Interaction With the Clients
  • Never Stop Improving
  • Present Suggestions and Solutions not Complaints


Service matters most

Quality Check is a service company first and a security system provider second. Since we started, Quality Check has earned a solid reputation for going above and beyond. If a client requested it done, we will take care of it. Whether the client is asking for a long explanation or tutorial how it's done, we can do it. Whatever opportunity arises that will allow us to influence our client and offer real value, whether security related or not, we can do it because service matters most.


Valuing Trust and Interaction with the Clients

There is no right time for making a connection with our client. Every interaction we have with our clients is a golden opportunity to show them how we value their trust. Whether on responding to phone or email, initial or final meeting, service call or installation, or simply being seen outside the company, every single interaction is an opportunity for us to increase clients' trust by interacting with them. Small things always matter, and for every interaction, let's make it an opportunity to make the best each one.


Never Stop Improving

No matter how things are working 'perfectly', it's not enough reason to stop improving. Think outside the box and re-evaluate things to find ways we can improve our service. Whether that means a new trend for technology, working procedures or processes, we can definitely improve it for our clients as well as our team members. Every time you have an idea, whether it's big or small, speak up! There is no such thing as sacred and should be considered "good enough".


Present Suggestions and Solutions not Complaints

Be it you join Quality Check team from the standpoint of earning or entitlement; never complain about anything unless you have an idea how to fix the problem. Present constructive suggestions and solutions, not destructive complaints that do not offer value to your team and to company. Work to improve yourself at Quality Check, and Quality Check will work for you.


What We Do:


Quality Check brings cutting-edge security equipment and advanced systems together into one strongly managed, fully integrated solution. Designed to deliver an optimized security solution for a host of applications, including largest infrastructure, government facilities, urban security and Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) Quality Check solution is the result of our engineers pursuit for evolution with the goal to create a safer and more convenient world.



  1. CCTV
  2. Access Control System
  3. Plate Recognition
  4. Smart Home Automation
  5. Fiber Optics Cables and Interfaces System
  6. Networking Infrastructure
  7. Audio Visual/Conference Room
  8. Microwave System
  9. Video Management System
  10. Video Wall System
  11. GPS Tracker
  12. Information Technology System


CCTV Security System and Solution, Abu Dhabi

Quality Check provides any organization that needs security cameras for monitoring purposes to oversee the part of their physical environment. With a closed circuit television also known as CCTV from us, you can keep first-rate video surveillance to keep your facilities, products and personnel safe.

At Quality Check, we are confident with our ability to provide clients with complete, upfront assessments to design and install the right CCTV setup for each organization's unique needs. We can also help you identify key factors that can influence deployment of CCTV solutions, such as:

  • Identifying Your Need for Security System
  • Identifying the level of Video Retention Required
  • Identifying the Nature of CCTC (Monitor or Evidentiary)


Our engineers can apply more than a decade of security system experience to install the right security equipment systems where you need them to record what you need, when you need it. Furthermore, we provide additional information and education for you to understand how each camera operates and its limitations.

Professionally installed video surveillance is an important factor of any integrated security system. It provides:

Visual Intelligence - known to many, CCTV systems are the right tool for visual intelligence for any organization to assess their critical locations, make right security decisions, and protect their employees.

Return of Investment - CCTV does not only offer security solution but also offer a substantial Return of Investment as a deterrent to stock shrinkage or theft. Additionally, having a video surveillance can grant business process improvement to help you manage your business effectively. 

You can choose to include few CCTV features to a large-scale solution with hundreds or thousands of networked cameras. All CCTV solutions may include:

  1. Video Analytics
  2. Infrared (IR)
  3. Digital or Analogue
  4. Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera (PTZ cam)
  5. High Definition Camera
  6. Face Detection


Whether you are an organization who operates in one facility or multi-site, Quality Check can design and deploy a perfect-fit video surveillance system for your needs. Safeguard your property, employees and products with world class CCTV systems from us.


Access Control System

At Quality Check, we provide broad range of flexible and comprehensive modules that can easily qualify with your specific requirements from:

Visitor Management

Authorization Management

Parking Management

Time and Attendance

And more...

Our system can easily fit within your current IT system and characterizes open and standardized interfaces to smoothly connect each subsystem for easy transfer of data. Quality Check system is designed for long duration period use and provides absolute compatibility and future scalability. This means the system evolves as your organization expands.


Plate Recognition

Elevate Your Security System with Our Revolutionized Plate Recognition

Our comprehensive license plate analysis system automates license plates identification and tracking, making it effortless for law enforcement agency, government sectors, and commercial organizations to find vehicles of interest, and execute parking restrictions. Our system is revolutionized for both fixed and mobile installations in different applications. It comes along with video surveillance, access control and variety of security features to increase situation understanding and supports investigations with analytic reporting abilities.


Smart Home Automation

You deserve a smart home.

Imagine if everything in your home can be accessible in one single button press from your smartphone, tablet, and keypad or touch panel.

With our Home Automation, you can easily listen to your favorite music anywhere in your home, set the lights, thermostats, blinds and curtains to create your preferred ambiance, unlock and lock the door remotely, and even get a live feed from your security camera when not in home.


Fiber Optics Cables and Interfaces System

With the help of Fiber Optic Cables, it can efficiently transmit large quantities of data and increase bandwidth availability to meet the requirement for voice and data infrastructures

Our Interface Security System offers connect, protect and secure your firm's physical and logical assets by combining all applications you need. Quality Check expert engineers, who have been recognized by major companies in United Arab Emirates, are dedicated to unique security-oriented solution that simplifies your business needs.


Networking Infrastructure

Quality Check makes sure that your network is in safe hands. Our Network Infrastructure services are engineered to provide your business the maximum back up and support where it needed the most.

Part of our elaborate solutions are; network audits and documentation, design and implementation of voice and data networks, setup of intrusion prevention systems (IPS), network performance analysis and improvement, firewall maintenance and monitoring, network security analysis and improvement and network management and capacity planning.


Audio Visual / Conference Room

With Quality Check Audio Visual, your organization can make the most dynamic use your conference room. We understand that engaging with your investors, buyers, suppliers or employees for pitching a proposal or providing training is crucial when delivering your message. Our Audio visual service solution deliver smooth and continuous professional solution in style with no technical expertise needed.


Microwave System

Quality Check Data Microwave system offers combine features of a broadcast digital microwave point-to-point radio system with the present-day efficiencies of a high-capacity long-distance bi-directional IP microwave system design. Allowing broadcasted message to smoothly migrate from the traditional ASI transport platform to future IP-centric design.

Quality Check system provides ultra-high linear RF output performance coupled with the ability that LDPC forward error correction (FEC) affords in manipulating errors in data transmissions over or undependable microwave paths.


Video Management System

We have an IP Video Management Security System based on open platform. Our Video Management products consist of software and associated hardware for control, processing, viewing, distribution and recording of signals required in CCTV applications. We provide smart and flexible solution serving both video security experts and IT professionals, and has a featured application programming interface (API), allowing developer to customize the functionality of our Video Management system.


Video Wall System

Our Multi-screen video wall can be tailored according to an organization's need. Whether for monitoring, retail or any other display application; we always have the solution. Our experts can help you with different concepts, proper screen types, number of screens, design, control, and of course installation and support.

Our Video Wall System includes all connected sources, distribution of information and collaboration in-between different control rooms or presentation area. Our system is designed on the most efficient operating concept that minimizes response times and makes the operation or large display systems even more effective and efficient.


GPS Tracker

At Quality Check, we make sure that the GPS Trackers we provide have 'quality check'. Our GPS tracker products are practical and convenient wireless solutions, with innovative software and hardware, allowing the users real-time online tracking of their assets anytime or anywhere in the world.


Information Technology Integration

Our successful Information Technology Integrators have developed their mastery not just in one area but in many separate fields to meet every organization complex needs. These fields include (SOA) Service Oriented Architecture, Voice and data convergence, cloud computing, Web 2.0 applications, and mobile computing.



  1. CCTV Design and Installation
  2. Audio Visual Solutions for:
    • Schools,
    • Conference Room
    • Events
    • Fire Integration


  1. Home Automations (Lighting, Air Conditioning, Entertainment, Ipad).
  2. Repairing of hardware components to meet client budget.
  3. Access control system:


  1. electronics gates
  2. face detection
  3. biometric
  4. parking barrier
  5. intruder alarm
  6. police dialer


  1. GPS Tracker for company vehicle track down
  2. Mobile Viewing
  3. Microwave Solutions
  4. IT Solutions
  5. Networking Design and Maintenance
  6. Fiber Optics Designs and Solutions
  7. Vehicle Plate Number Identification


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