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Smart devices (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.) are becoming an integral part of our daily life. Studies show that they are one of the fastest spreading technologies in human history. This motivated the UAE to the lead in developing M-government services as part of the UAE vision 2021 and Abu Dhabi vision 2030. Such a transition requires good attention to security-related problems which require the creation and development of secure and reliable innovations that can ensure the security of users and entities.
SecurityAct Intelligent Solutions L. L. C. (SecurityAct) is UAE based company founded by 2 engineers; Eng. Khalfan Almarashda and Dr. Mohamed Alzaabi. Our targeted is bringing innovation into the field of security and privacy. Our solution is based on 2 state of the art technologies; Internet of Thins (IoT) and tamper-resistance technology.
In Abu Dhabi Feb 2015, we participated and won the first prize of International Smart Security and Privacy Contest to prevent the use of smart-device cameras in certain sensitive events or areas. The idea was to exchange the owner of smart-device Id and contact with a “smart-sticker”. The smart-sticker block physically both the front and the back camera of the smart-device. The owner could use all smart-device functionalities but not taking photos. If the owner try to remove the smart-sticker, the sticker will sense it via bending sensor and report it via Wi-Fi connection to the security department to take the needed actions. 
Key Features of the Tech:
1) Universal solution, could works on any smart device and independent from their platform or operating system. 2) Low cost, both the smart-sticker (bending sensors) and reporter (Wi-Fi module) are cheap and the integration cost is ineligible. 3) The smart-sticker installation could be done easily on the security gate. 4) No Trojans or pre-installed applications are required and 5) does not affect other smart devices functionalities.
In Abu Dhabi May 2015, with collaboration with Khalifa University, we filed 2 US patents to protect our intellectual property of this invention. We developed 2 hardware prove-of-concepts and on the way secure multiple fund/grands commercialize it before Sep 2018.   

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