Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation

-Register KF supported enterprises in its official "register of suppliers".

-Involve supported enterprises, where possible in published bids and tenders comprising any services or products provided.

-Exemptions from applicable registrations fees payable to ENEC for inclusion on its official "register of suppliers".

-Supported enterprises proposals shall be given priority over other bidders' proposals, only to the extent that such preference does not violate ENEC's procurement technical evaluation procedures.


Entrance Real Estate Company

-Provide KF members the facility to rent at Entrance Real Estate Center for preferential prices according to the agreed schedule.


Etihad Airways

-Provide possible facilities to support the projects.

-To register all projects in the supplier's list.

-Give priority to KF members to participate in tenders and practices within the available products.

-Continuous support between the two parties in ways that would support the projects.

-Provide exemption from registration fees.

-Etihad Airways will reconsider the tender exemptions and good execution, according to company policy depending on the nature of each project.

-Give priority to these projects to participate in the bidding and evaluation.

-Offer supported SMEs reduced requirement pyment terms to half price of the payment according to the tender.


Fujairah Chamber of Commerce & Industry

-Grant exemptions from fees for issuance and renewal of certificates and modify membership certificates.

-Exemption from Bid bonds and any other bonds applied by the chamber except for performance bond where the exemption will only be provided after studying each case.

-Register projects in the tender list.

-Give the opportunity to those projects to participate in the bidding and practices the chamber offers.


Fujairah Municipility

-Exempt all or some of the funded projects from the municipality fees.

-Invite the funded projects to take part of the tenders and give them the priority in direct purchase once conditions are met.

-Follow-up and coordination to ensure the provision of better facilities for supported projects.


Fujairah Tourism & Antiquities Authority

-Provide recommendations on projects and facilities related to tourism and heritage.

-Call-funded projects to participate in exhibitions, and festivals related to heritage and tourism.


General Headquarter of Armed Forces

-Waving the projects which are supported by Khalifa Fund from the guarantee of entering the tender and guarantee of completion.

-Waving the project which are supported by Khalifa Fund from the fees of registration in suppliers records.

-Giving the priority in participation in the tenders and activities based on the followed regulations.

-Exemption from the bank guarantee which is a 10% from the total of the tender.


ICT Fund

-All the technology related enterprises will be supported by ICT Fund.

-Expertise exchange programs in the technology field.

-Cooperation in constituting technology equipped incubators.

-Counseling Services.

-Financial support for techno related studies and researches.


LuLu Group International

-Price comparison has to be made with other suppliers and give the KF members the priority of the main suppliers after the confirmation of commitment to the special conditions of lulu group.

-KF members are exempted from registration fees for the products and services during the first year and they are entitled to 50% of the charges.

-Exemption from paying the fees related to the registration in the suppliers list during the first year.

-Payment terms reduced to 30 days instead of 90 days

-Training in the fields of retail, quality and source of selected materials.


Ministry of Labour

-All KF enterprises will be categorized as class (A) and will be exempted from the bank guarantee.

-This privilege shall not cover the following activities:


    -Cleaning Services

    -Oil Field Services

    -Labor Recruitment Companies



-Provide possible facilities for projects supported by the Khalifa Fund.

-To register all projects in the supplier's list.

-Continued cooperation between the two parties in all that would support the funded SMEs within a given sector.

-Exemption from registration fees.

-Mubadala will consider exemptions from the waivors, according to the company's policy on the basis of the nature of each project.

-Give priority to KF SMEs to participate and evaluate in tenders and practices within the available products and services.

-Both parties shall cooperate, follow-up and coordinate to ensure the provision of better facilities for projects.


Municipility of Abu Dhabi

-Giving the priority to participate in tenders and practices within the specifications and standards followed.

-Registration in tenders.

-Exempt Khalifa Fund's supported applicants from the guarantee fees.