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Online Registration in Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority

Published on 5th February, 2015

Dear Valued Supplier, 
In line with the directives of Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) to support Khalifa Fund companies, you are kindly requested to register with ADFCA through the online registration system, in order to be added to ADFCA Commercial Directory to give you the priority to participate in ADFCA bids and tenders as it is mandatory for all companies who wish to continue or establish business with ADFCA.
Please follow the link below for online supplier registration and ensure reading all important remarks, terms and conditions accordingly:


Important Notes while registration:


1.      Ensure that all email addresses to be official company emails. Emails @yahoo, hotmail, Gmail, Ymail  are considered personal emails and shall not be acceptable.

2.      Ensure that all registration attachments be prepared and scanned properly earlier as the system gives timeout for upload completion.

3.      Add (  √ )  next to Khalifa Fund .

Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.