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Free Instagram Marketing Two Week Free Trial

Offer posted by Prime Partners Economic... - on Sep 27th, 2016

Prime Digital is a company owned by Yousof Bin Desmal Alsuwaidi whose core service is Social Media Marketing.
Instagram is the most adapted platform for high visuals. We would use both targeted interaction (pure organic growth), features and sponsored posts to grow your audience organically (400 to 800 followers monthly)
Targeted interaction consists in finding people of interest in your posts based on their online behavior, and interacting with them (a like, a follow for a couple hours). This will send them a notification on Instagram, which will appear on their phone. They then notice your account, and discover your brand. It's like having a push advertisement on each of your prospects' phone
We are offering you a two weeks free trial no commitment no contract. Once you are satisfied we can extend the service to the full version


(High end retail shop which we started with 200 followers 6 month ago, today it has over 6000 followers who are constantly interacting with the shop, if you click on the photos you can see potential clients asking for prices)
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(Director and photographer, this example shows you if your content and visuals are of high quality your engagement will be very high if you click on the photos you can see a very high engagement rate by the followers, the account has been growing at an average of 1000 followers a month)
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We look forward to taking your brand to the next level!
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