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Offering Consultation Services for geophysica

Offer posted by Geoscience Geophysical... - on Feb 22nd, 2018

25% Discount for the following Studies & services:


1- Soil investigations

2- Determination of foundation type

3- Site acceptability studies

4- Seismic hazard assessment studies

5- Hydrogeological studies (e.g. well siting, aquifer location…etc.)

6- Seismic site response analysis

7- Fault and geologic hazards investigations

8- Detection of dam and levee leakage

9- Detection of pipe-lines corrosion and leakage from reservoirs

10- Locating underground cavities

11- Detection of karst and similar sinkholes

12- Mapping voids beneath pavement and/or behind retaining walls

13- Locating buried metal objects (tanks, drums, mines, utilities, etc.)

14- Mapping tunnel and cavern

15- Mapping shallow bedrock topography

16- Construction siting

17- Calculating Vs and Vp for soil and rock materials

18- Determination of soil and rock elastic properties (dynamic rock moduli)

19- Mapping shallow groundwater table

20- Inspection of salinity or pollution of waters

21- Delineating ground contamination and bottom sediments moving

22- Determination of soil salinity and salt water intrusion

23- Evaluating pavement and concrete thicknesses

24- Three dimensional rebar mapping

25- Defining lateral changes in subsurface lithology

26- Mapping shallow soil stratigraphy

27- Delineating pits and trenches containing metallic and nonmetallic debris

28- Delineating previously excavated and backfilled areas

29- Evaluating rock rippability and quality

30- Evaluation of corrosion potential of soils

31- Rainfall velocity-erosivity studies

32- Monitoring quarries blast and vibration and its effect on buildings and facilities

33- Mining and natural resources assessment

34- Landfill boundaries imaging

35- Natural resource exploration

36- Determination of highways integrity and durability

37- Borehole geophysics surveys

38- Abandoned well locating

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