Dream moisturiser cream

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Product description
It is a smart formula based on a moisturising system which adjusts to the specific needs of the skin.
Active ingredients are released into the skin gradually to optimise its level of hydration and protect it against excessive trans epidermal  water loss. Organic vegetable oils supply the skin with precious nutrients and vitamins to strengthen its structure. The selected natural plants extracts contained in the cream have a soothing effects, restore the skin’s balance and promote natural regeneration of the skin. The products formulation is a non alcoholic composition for treating skin problems including dermatitis, eczema, rough skin, cracking, itching and psoriasis.
How to use:
Apply liberally to any part of the body as often as required.
This product is safe for daily use and has no restrictions on the number of applications. The colour of the (cream) may vary as we use natural Shea butter that can vary from crop to crop.
It is for external use only.
It is particularly useful at night as it can be applied thickly and left on overnight.
If the skin is infected take very good care not to spread the cream from infected area to an uninflected of skin and always wash hands before use.
Possible side effects:
As with any skin care product, there is the potential to cause a skin reaction. Al though this is 100% natural organic product, we cannot predict every individual’s unique skin sensitivities. In very rare circumstances a mild rash or reaction can occurs due to a customer’s sensitivity to a particular ingredient.

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