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Product/Service of Assist Plus Accounting & Auditing Services

An audit is the systematic inspection and examination of the company accounts, vouchers, and documents by an independent body to ascertain how the financial statement of the company is presented in a true and fair matter as required by the law. The audit can benefit a company in the following:

  • Detect & Prevent Errors or Fraud

  • Ease business Sales

  • Maintaining the accounts in the company

  • Obtaining a Loan

  • Determine if the company generates a Profit/Loss

  • Compare the performance of the company to the previous year’s performance

  • Preparing for a growth plan

  • Increase Company Goodwill

  • Helps in Taxation


Our Auditing will examine and check the arithmetical accuracy of the accounts, verify and validate transactions, confirm the existence of assets and liabilities value, check the distinction of capital and revenue transactions, and prove that the financial statement is presented in an accurate and fair matter.


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