Sesame oil - Sudanese origin

Product/Service of prarie land for food trade

Sesame oil

Origin: Sudan

Size: 500 ml

Unit Per Carton: 24

Recommended Use :

  1. Benefits of drinking sesame oil (as food)
  • Sesame oil regulates blood glucose
  • It is a natural diuretic.
  • Adjusts the level of blood pressure in the body, and protects against the occurrence of high, which reduces the rate of oxidation of fat in the blood
  • The heart protects against serious diseases, because it contains the compounds of lignans, also known as sesamol
  • Do not contain harmful cholesterol and saturated fat:Sesame oil benefits the heart by helping the body remove bad cholesterol because it activates blood circulation in the arteries, leading to the removal of cholesterol deposits and the formation of modern cholesterol. And good cholesterol in the body

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